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A digi tale part 1:

How it start...

Akari's pov

Hello everyone I am Akari, daughter of demon lord Lilithmon, but don't worry. My mom is kind person, matter of fact she be treat me like I'm her real daughter. We do what most mother and daughter do. We bonded, argue and other things. of course it does weird other digimon in the dark kingdom why their queen have a human child, and do i have a human father. As for the fact... i don't. Mom found me when I was 2 year old. In the human world... I was in a orphanage when my real parents was gone from an illness. I was happy when mom adopted me. I don't know why she in human world or cared for it. As long i have a home and a parent who can love me.

Normal POV

"...My sweet Akari..." Lilithmon just entering Akari room with a happy look on her face. "I have some good news."

"What is it mom?" Akari was just woke up as the sun shine on my face.

"I hear there another human in the digiworld."

"Really!" She got up with a surprise look on her face.

"That right my dear." She walk up to her daughter and kiss her on the forehead. "But sadly I can't go on search for the human due to my duty of kingdom ruler..."

"Wha...?" Akari look at her mom than have a idea. "...Maybe i can go search for the human."

"Are you sure what if you got capture and being as hostage." Lilithmon wasn't sure she ready to go out side of the kingdom for this tasked.

"Don't worry mom I am 10 year old." She at her mom as she smile back.

"Okay dear, but here. I been having this since the day i taken you as my child..." lilthimon just give her a light purple color digivice. "It a very important item."

"...Is this the legendary digivice you told me about mom?"

"That right and if I am right. The other human have one too and with this you can find them." Akari take it. "what you think?"

"...I love it mom." She was very happy.

"Good now i get you prepare for your journeys." Lilithmon walk out as Akari get out of bed and get ready for it.

"Oh i hope it true." As she look at her digivice, she cause an accident on her vice and and turn on the map of the digiworld. "...Wow..." She was looking at it and notice many thing her home, the darkness kingdom, and other kingdom. "Huh... what is that?" She notice the red, purple and blue dot. "Hm... i guess I'm the purple dot and other must my kind... But why are they in different locations. Oh i well." She went back to what she doing.

Taiki's POV

"...Ow my head..." Hi I'm Taiki Kudo, and you won't believe what day i have, it was amazing... at first I was was hanging with friends playing basketball, win the champion ship, until i pass out and up in the nurse office. That what i get for trying way to hard. I wish i have a best friend to look out for me. And as i walk home i hear a voice and rush to it. As for the rest... well you don't believe me. but here it is, i found a creature who name is shoutmon. from another world, about to fade away! Until i able save him, along with red device just appear in my hand. i don't know how thought, but soon after that. I end up in his world! I was surprise and soon to worry what my mom going do to me if she found out i went somewhere that is not earth. Oh man I am so trouble when i when home...

Normal POV

"oh good you wake up." Shoutmon look at Taiki.

"Oh it you. Where am I?" Taiki look notice ton of dragon digimons.

"You in the dragon kingdom. I am Shoutmon, the king! Well next king."

"What you mean kingdom?" Taiki feel like he having a weirdest dream yet.

"Look at your digivice." Taiki didn't know what he mean until he look at the red device he have.

"oh you mean this?" He turn on the map and notice 10 kingdom. "Whoa amazing!"

"I know, there 10 kind of each every different."

"Hey Shoutmon what is that...?" The point the colors dots.

"Hm... i know that red is you, but i guess the other are the other human!"

"Other human... you mean I'm not only one?" Taiki was was happy knowing he not only one on the digital world.

"That rights." There an other digimon enter the room. "Hello I am UlforceVeedramon. The right hand man of the late king."

"The late king... what happen to him?"

"...My dad die while protect kingdom from the evil virus the try to destroy both digiworld and human world. He was know as greatest hero." Shoutmon start to cry. " i wish i can have more time with him."

"don't cry my young king i promised your father to make sure you grew up to the person your father want you to be."

"you're right and i vow to become better king than he is! Maybe try to untie all 10 kingdom!" UlforceVeedramon smile to that.

"Hey maybe i can help." Taiki get up with a fire look in his eyes in eyes.

"But why?" UlforceVeedramon look at him.

"After hearing about his dad passing and his dream maybe i can help."

"Maybe you should do you have the the digivice to prove it." UlforceVeedramon point at it.

"That true." Taiki smile. "So ready buddy." He smile at shoutman.

"Not yet! I need get prepare!" He walk out to do so.

"..." *Omnimon, if you see your son now, I bet you be proud much as i am. Along see him bonding with a human. Maybe he be the one who help him untie all the kingdom.*

"Hey Ballistamon!" Shoutmon run up up to his best friend.

"Yo Shoutmon! Is the human okay?"

"Yep and I going to the journeys with him!" He say it with much joy. "And i need you tp come along!"

"That nice and all, but why?"

"Hey this trip not going fun with out my best brother." He pat him on back back as he laughing.

"You're right and this place be boring with you to bro!" Ballistamon pat him on the back too.

"Alright now let get packing!"

In the darkness kingdom:

"Sweet heart are you done?"

"Yeah mom." Lilithmon walk in. "So what you think?" She was wearing what you see from the first series of digimon xros.

"Aw you look so cute!" She hugged her so hard to point Akari can't breath.

"Mommy! You're crushing me!"

"oh... sorry." She let go of her child. "oh I hire your friend old friend and my royal guard man to travel with you." She give her hand to see them.

"...oh my! Cutemon and Dorulumon!" She hugged them.

"My dear lady I vow to make sure i destroy any one who try to kill or kid napped you!"

'...please don't you know how my daughter fell about that.."

"..please forgive me my dear queen.." He was upset forget about that. "But don't worry i do vow to make sure the princess protect."

"I can't believe we're going to explore together!" Cutemon feeling exciting about it.

"I know it going be like old time cutemon!"

"oh before you go... here." She give her a necklace and the darkness emblem.

"..Mom is this?" she open up and found picture of her and her mom when they are younger. "Oh..." she belong hold it to her heart as she cry.

"That right it the image of us when i adopted." she start to hold her again.

"Mom... your hair where long back than." She smile as she cry.

"I know dear." She kiss her on the forehead again. "Ready?"

"I am mom." She put them in her bag where she put her digivice. "Buy." She get on Dorulumon. "Come on buddy." She grab cutemon. "Bye mom. Let go!" Her trusted guard roar and run off.

"Bye my sweet baby... I hope she be okay." She was still crying. "oh... they grow up so fast."

In the dragon kingdom:

"Hm.." Taiki look at the map. "Hm..."

"Hey Taiki what you doing?" Shoutmon stare a Taiki.

"oh just look at the map."

"Hm... there something funky with this map the. Purple dot is move toward us, and it moving fast." Ballistamon notice it.

"oh you right, I hope it friendly..." Shoutmon sound worry.

"Yeah...lets go met it!" Taiki run off.

"Hey don't go with us!" The guy laugh as they run off to met the the person.

"oh man can't wait to met this person!"

"so how far it is Taiki?" Ballistamon was look at the map.

"It the next kingdom. From the darkness kingdom.

"No way, you mean the darkness kingdom with kind heart demon lord bro?"

"I guess so Shoutmon." Ballistamon sound very sure

"Alright she be easy to make a kingdom pack with!" they keep running to the kingdom. As Taiki think there going be best days yet.
Yoyo it me i hope you all like i going to add tai and sora in the next one but they going be older and in the au they are married and yes many human know about digiworld and keep to a secret until they ready to reveal, and i know i have bad grammar but i don't care as long get better beside I'm not only one who have bad grammar
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HORRIOR Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016
Interesting... I wonder where the Bagra brothers are, they usually get around in the ages of conflict XD
Nova-V-Dragoon12 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
taking controlled of few kids that get lost 10 years ago, but that a spoiler in my next one
HORRIOR Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016
I see, wonder why the big brother would need them, considering whole digital world is in his "reach".
Nova-V-Dragoon12 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
don't know. but here another spoiler in the series, yuu and nene in it but like akari they where rise by digimon. and still siblings 
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